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Fish and Fries $6.50 Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dentist Office Visit March 31, 2015

Youth Fair April 1, 2015

Family Fun  Day April 3, 2015

Thursday Mar 12 - Sunday Apr 5
Monday, Mar 23 at 11:00 AM - Friday, Mar 27 12:00 PM
Friday Mar 27 - Sunday Mar 29
Sunday, Mar 29 All Day
1530 NW 124th Street North Miami, FL 33167

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Setting The First Steps To Success

Jitta Bug Learning Center is Proud to announce:

Our application has been approved to be a Common Sense Digital Citizenship: Certified

                                                                                          School for the 2014-2015

Making us the only school in Florida!

Jitta Bug Learning Center is a Common Sense Media School and our staff are training in the proper usage of the internet and how to use it with young children. We also teach our students proper ways to use technology.

For more information about Jitta Bug and how we use Common Sense Media please click on the link below:

To visit Common Sense Media please click on the link below:

Mission Statement:

 “The mission for Jitta Bug Learning Center is to provide services to children of all walks of life no matter their ethnic background, religion, race, gender, or disability. Create a safe, nutritious, and loving environment for young children to be taught in. Develop an educational system that will monitor and record the children’s progress and keep the parents involved. Children are treated with the love and respect and taught self-help and independence. The school also has a mission to reach out to help families in need.”

Jitta Bug Learning Center's first field trip as a school! 

January 3, 2014 to 

Butterfly World!