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Family Challenge

To earn Class Dojo points you must send a picture of your family and child doing the Family Challenge to [email protected] and remember to have fun!!

Week 1 of March

Create an ABC Book using Family Member's names and pictures.

Week 2 of March

Make a Dr. Seuss Inspired book. Have fun and make up tons of words while rhyming and making memories with your child.

Week 3 of March

Go outside and look up at the sky. Ask your child if they were a bird what would they do? Ask them what other animals travel by the sky?

Week 4 of March

Make a Family Painting together. Let your child paint your and you paint them.

Week 5 of March

Talk with your child and ask them if they remember any of the activities you did this month. Ask them which was their favorite and share with Mrs. Adri.