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The Digital Curriculum for the Family Child Care Provider

The mission of Gee Whiz Education is to be a trusted source for developmental learning activities to meet the ever changing needs of the professional family child care provider. The curriculum like most others is based on research. The curriculum is most similar to HighReach Learning but more developed for mixed age groups. This is the next generation of curriculum needs because the educators and staff of Jitta Bug can access everything online and print only what is needed. The lesson plans are planned for 10 day lessons and are all based on a theme. The theme touches on math, science, dramatic play, social studies, and language. The activities are fun and age appropriate for children from infants to preschools. It also offers school age activities. It provides a family letter and family notes that are activities that are simple and fun for parents to do at home. Gee Whiz also encourages individualized instruction by planning using an Individualization Web for each child. The web is to be done for each child for each theme and this helps the lesson become more interesting for each child because it also caters to their interest and their personal goals of what they want to learn