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$$$Teach Your Child the Importance of Money$$$

Money is an important aspect to our lives and daily affairs. It is important that we introduce our students to money appropriately and also teach them life saving money management skills such as saving, rain day funds, and when to say no to a purchase. The first step is to teach them the coins and the value each has. Teach them that five one dollar bills equals one five dollar bill. This is one of the most commonly confused traits when it comes to preschoolers and money. This will help reduce the risk of them being ripped off in the future. 

As parents, it is next to impossible to make it to every field trip. So when our little ones need money and we are not there we need to know they will be able to manage and not get taken advanced of. Teaching them young doe just that!

Wells Fargo Resources

TD Bank and Jitta Bug

TD Bank was rated 2015-2016 "Best Big Bank" by Money Magazine. TD Bank is not just the best bank because they are open 7 days a week, has over 1,290 locations in 15 states, or because they are open an average of 63 hours a week! They are the best bank because they care about the whole person in each of their account holders.

TD Bank has a really great support system for money education for adults and youth. Below you will find several links that will take you to their website or videos that will help you in different financial areas.  They also have Penny Arcade that promotes saving change and is free to use for TD Account Holders. 

They are Empowering Our Youth for Today and Tomorrow

To visit the BEST TD Branch visit

12620 Biscayne Boulevard North Miami, FL 33181 

you can reach them at 305-892-1792

TD Bank Money Resources for 
Parents and Students and Educators

The link below is to a wonderful website designed by TD Bank for students to explore. It has games and videos and lots of age appropriate tools to help our students in their money quests.

This is a link to an awesome article that  provides parents and educators with great tips to teach children about money and how to make it fun and enjoyable. 

Here is a video that will give you much need insight and tips to making saving a habit and how you can make it a routine. 

Here is video on how to manage your debt and also provides a lot of additional information to help you gain an insight on your debt and how to get on top of it.