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Our Solar System

Talk about our planet and home, Earth. 

Write a list of five to ten things we can do to take care of our Home planet Earth.

  • If your child is 1 years old to 2 years old please gather pictures for each idea you have or draw a picture to help them understand.
  • If your child is 3 years to 4 years old they should be either able to trace the key words from the list or write the list themselves.
  • If you child is in VPK they must write the list with only your assistance.

This assignment is due February 12, 2019

It should be written on lined paper and placed in the third tab of your child's folder.

Space Facts

Tips before watching the video:

  • Be sure to pay attention to the video as your child watches it. 
  • Stop the video in between parts so that you can discuss certain parts.
  • Add sound affects were it is appropriate.
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Allow your child to respond and respect their thoughts.

Watch the video below and then ask your child to share five facts they learned. 

Web the Facts on the graph provided in your child's homework folder.

For the toddlers parents be sure to make it interesting and talk to your child. The purpose of this assignment for the younger students is to be given the verbal cues and exposed to more words. Making the sound affects will help keep their attention. If you have to split the video into two short segments to help keep them focused. 

For the preschool parents be sure to talk throughout the video to help them catch the new concepts. Use adjectives to describe the actions in the video and if something is said that is not on their level, reword it and explain to your child.

For the VPK parents be sure to avoid closed-ended questions such as Yes or No questions. Ask questions that requires your FUTURE Kindergarten to think and explian their thoughts. If they give you a one word answer ask the child to "tell you more about that." This will help increase their cognitive skills and thinking and reasoning skills.

This assignment is due February 13, 2019

Please be sure to put the web back in the third tab of your child's homework folder. 

Trip to Space

You are going to take a trip to outer space with your family. Plan your trip with your parents. Create a Space Guide Book to included the following:

  • Pictures
  • Supplies
  • How you Plan to Grow food
  • Communication Ideas
  • Travel Cost
  • What you plan to live in
  • What things will you have in your space community
  • Any other suggestions for your book
This assignment is due Friday, February 15, 2019