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General Procedure

Jitta But open at 7:00 AM, and please do not drop-off your child any earlier than this time. Families are
expected to accompany their children and sign them in. Jitta Bug close at 6:00 PM, please do not pick-up your
child later than this time for there is a fee per minute if you do. Families are expected to enter our home and
sign-out their child out, and leave by closing time. Jitta Bug does not accept children after 9:00 am under no
circumstances. It is your responsibility to get your child to school on time before 9:00 am. If your child has an
appointment Jitta Bug will not accept any child after 10:00 am with or without a doctor’s note. On field trip
days students might have to come in early to catch the bus for the trip. If you are not on campus by the time
noted to you, your child will miss the bus and refunds are not available. During summer months, no child will
be accepted after 10:00 am.

VPK Attendance Policy

VPK pays for the students to attend 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and JBLC gives each VPK student 7:00 am to 2:00 pm
for free. Please see VPK Attendance and Tardiness Policy for complete guidelines.

Use of Cell Phones

Drop-off and pick-up are our primary windows of time to communicate with you about your child; In addition,
children need your full attention at this time. Therefore, Jitta Bug respectfully request that you not use cell
phones while dropping off or picking up your child.

Authorized and  Unauthorized Pick-up

Your child will only be released to you or the persons you have listed as Emergency and Release Contacts. If
you want a person who is not identified as an Emergency and Release Contact to pick-up your child, you must
notify me in advance, in writing. Your child will not be released without prior written authorization. The
person picking up your child will be required to show a picture ID as verification. Please notify your pick-up
person of our policy. If your child has not been picked up after closing and Jitta Bug have not heard from you,
attempts will be made to contact you, and the contacts listed as Emergency and Release Contacts. Jitta Bug will
stay with your child as long as possible, but if after 2 hours Jitta Bug has not been able to reach you or any
person listed as an Emergency and Release Contact, Jitta Bug will call the local child protective services
In the event you need to send someone that is not on the list an email must be sent to the school’s email. In the
email must be a picture of the driver’s license of the person that is gaining authorization. In the body of the
email you must state that you are the legal parent of and write the child’s name, explain that you are giving
authorization to and then put the person’s name. It is vital that the email is sent at the beginning of the day.
Once the parent comes to the school the person’s name must be written in by the parent. The identification of
the new person will be requested once they arrive and a copy will be made and both the person and the director
will sign the copy and it will be placed in the child’s folder.

Child Custody

Without a court document, both parents/guardians have equal rights to custody. Jitta Bug is legally bound to
respect the wishes of the parent/guardian with legal custody based on a certified copy of the most recent court
order, active restraining order, or court-ordered visitation schedule. Jitta Bug will not accept the responsibility
of deciding which parent/guardian has legal custody where there is no court documentation. In accord with the

Department of Children and Families information the legal parent has the right to exclude the other parent if
that parent is not on the contract or paperwork filled out during enrollment.

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