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Monthly Projects for

October of 2019

Hispanic Heritage Poster

Things to be included:

A picture of the person, name and date of birth to death at the top

What they are know for with illustrations or pictures

Family pictures and pictures from the past

Flag and map to represent where they from

Changes they did for the world

and any thing else you wish to add

The display should be done on the sheet of long sheet of construction paper, provided to you and all the information should fit on one side.

Be colorful, creative, and be sure to get your child involved!.

Wyatt- Rafael Nadal Baseball Player Due

Leila- Michael López-Alegría Astronaut

Solvyanna- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Politician

Bella- Ellen Ochoa First Hispanic Woman in Space

Christ- Laslo Jozsef Biro Invented the Ballpoint Pen

Gregory- Jaime Escalante Math Educator

Due October 2, 2019