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Monthly Project

All About Me Project
Due September 29, 2023

For this project you will create a simple all about me book about your Jitta Bug with your Jitta Bug. This should be a family project and meant to bring the family together while promoting conversation, engagement, and bonding between the child and parents. 

Each book should be unique, and the students should have an active part in the creation of the book. Be sure to have the child's picture on the cover. A family picture should also be part of the book. The book must be 5 to 10 pages long, colorful, attractive, and include at least the following, please feel free to add more:
  1. Name
  2. Age and Date of Birth
  3. Favorite Color
  4. Favorite Letter
  5. Favorite Number
  6. Favorite Animal
  7. Favorite Food
  8. Favorite Shape
  9. When I Grow Up
  10. Handprints

Must include a picture on each page. 
VPK Students should write and add to each page their own handwriting.
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