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Monthly Project

Create a Rainstick
Due November 30, 2023

In celebration of Native American Heritage each family will create a Rainstick. Rainsticks are used by Native American cultures in the southwest of North America. They are built from hollowed-out, dried cactus tubes, with cactus needles pushed into the core to form an obstruction. They are used as tools for soothing, meditation, and music production. Native American tribes of the Southwestern United States are known for performing elaborate rain dances in an effort to bring water to their dry lands. 

This is a video from our YouTube page from a past school year of the students doing a rain dance with their rainsticks. 

Using a paper towel roll you create a design that represents your family and their culture. You can include pictures of your country's flag, food, animals, and words that represent your family such as Integrity, Helpful, Ambition, God etc. The rainsticks should be colorful and vibrant. Once you complete the design on the outside you will then tape one side, fill it with rice, pennies, beans, or small rocks, and tape and seal the other side. The rainstick should shake and make music without breaking and spilling the contents.

Please consider safety measures when sealing it so the contents does not become a choking hazard. Consider hot gluing it closed, double or triple layer of tape, or stuffing and then sealing the ends. 

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